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Step One: - Schedule a pick up and drop off time
  • Laundry Limo has taken an innovative approach to the way in which you do laundry.
  • Schedule a pick up and drop off time that is most convenient for you.
  • Consider it a load off your shoulders. We take care of the all dirty work for you.
  • You can schedule a pickup anytime, day or night by telephone or our website.
  • We have regularly scheduled pickups on Mondays and Thursdays. Our Deliveries are scheduled for Tuesdays and Friday.
Step Two: The wash your laundry will love
  • Each garment is checked to ensure it is machine washable.
  • Heavy stains are treated with stain remover.
  • Each load goes through a extensive wash cycle to ensure thorough cleaning.
  • Fabric softener is added during the washing cycle.
  • A dryer sheet is added during the drying cycle to ensure freshness.
Step Three: Folding is an art, we're the artists
  • Each item will be neatly & professionally folded.
  • Heavy stains are treated with stain remover.
  • Then we package your order with attention to detail.
Step Four: Delivery to your home or office FREE
  • Once your laundry is complete, it will be sent out for delivery.
Frequently Asked Questions
  • What areas do you currently service?
  • What are your pickup and drop off times?
    •   Pick-Up and Drop-Off hours are Monday-Friday 7AM-8PM.
  • What if i am not home?
    •   You can choose to leave your laundry by the door or at another location. Let us know exactly where our driver can find your bag(s). Remember to be safe with the location you choose. We are not responsible for the contents while its not in our possession.
  • What are the steps in your laundry process?
    •   Visit the "How it works" section of our website for more information about our process.
  • Does Laundry Limo charge a delivery Fee?
    •   Pickup and delivery are included free of charge.
  • Is there a minimum fee?
    •   Yes, all loads up to 20Lbs are $20. Loads greater than 20Lbs are charged by the pound.
  • What type of bag should I put my clothes in for pick-up?
    •   Reusable bags can be purchased directly from us. Otherwise a garbage bag or standard laundry bag should be used. Regularly scheduled Laundry Limo customers receive a Laundry Limo imprinted nylon bag for FREE.
  • How do I pay for your service?
    •   Please provide us with credit card information for automatic payment. We keep your credit card information securely under lock and key and only charge your card after your delivery. Cash or check can also be given to the delivery person. In order to accept a check or cash payment we must have your credit card information on file. Balance must be paid prior or at the time of delivery.
  • How do i tell Laundry Limo about special requests for garment care?
    •   While scheduling pickup online you can specify additional instructions. Please ask us for a special instruction sheet or print one out and put it in your bag when we deliver. Use it to let us know your preferences for your next pickup.
  • What can be washed by Laundry Limo?
    •   Machine safe garment only. All dry cleaning must be separated from regular laundry and clearly marked to be dry cleaned. Regular dry cleaning customers receive a dry cleaning only bag for FREE.
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